Loose Bracket or Band

Loose BracketOccasionally a band or bracket may become loose during treatment. This may be caused by eating hard foods such as apples or carrots.

The loose bracket or band should still be attached to the main wire, and is not a cause for concern. It may feel loose as it is no longer attached to the tooth, however it will still be attached to the wire, usually with a small elastic, and will be stable. If the bracket or band is not attached to the wire, immediately remove it from the mouth and give us a call for advice on the next steps.

Call our receptionists during business hours for advice on how to deal with this. If you have an appointment coming up in the next week or two, we may not need to see you in the meantime.

Popping the Band Back On

If you are using an expansion appliance, the band may have simply ‘popped’ off the tooth. Try placing the band directly over the tooth to which it was attached and push it back onto the tooth. It may help to look at the other side of the mouth and copy what you can see.

Popping the band back over the tooth will make it more comfortable and keep the appliance out of harm’s way. The band should stay on the tooth by itself, avoid eating hard or sticky foods to prevent the band becoming loose again.

Once the band is safely over the tooth, we recommend calling our receptionists to advise them of the issue.

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