Please take the time to read through some common issues below as many Invisalign® problems are self managed. If you are still having problems, please call our rooms on 9521-6500 or contact us via your dental monitoring app.

Please note: The dental monitoring direct message service is only checked and answered on business days. There may be extended delays in returning your message over the holiday period or weekends.

Dental Monitoring Technical Issues

If you are having issues with your app or your scans via the app, there is a few steps you can undertake to correct the problem. Common issues may be having trouble with the app allowing you to take a scan, having trouble opening the app, or issues with the scan uploading.

Always ensure your app is the most updated version, and your phone is running the latest IOS software. Usually by updating the IOS and the app itself can fix many technical issues

Scan hasn’t uploaded: This is usually due to poor internet. If your scan is taking a long time to upload, or has frozen, please try re-opening the app again once you get into Wi-Fi or a strong internet coverage. This may require you to close the app and try again in a few hours time. The scan will be saved in the app and once you reopen the app it will continue uploading

Response from scan taking too long to receive: We do say once you have taken your scan to please allow 4-6 hours before the scan is analysed and you receive a response back as to whether you can change aligners. This can sometimes be longer than 6 hours especially if there is a system outage or an upgrade in the back end of the software. This doesn’t happen often and we do kindly ask for your patience to allow the computer to analyse your scan and fit of your aligners. We are unable to speed up the process manually so unfortunately messaging us wont help on our end. Please be patient and remain in the same aligner until instructed to change.

For any technical issues over the holiday period, please reach out to Dental Monitoring customer support who are able to help.

Email: [email protected] or ph. 1800 848 798

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