Lost Module (Coloured Elastic Band)

Lost module

Modules or ligatures are small elastic rings used to hold brackets onto the archwire. The rings are wrapped around the individual braces attaching them to the archwire, providing force to move the teeth.

Modules are changed each time that the wire is tightened or braces are adjusted. These modules come in many different colours – up to 24 to choose from. Click here to use interactive Choose Your Colours feature.

Sometimes these small elastics may happen to come off between appointments. If this happens within a week or two of your next appointment these is no need to be concerned.

If the module comes off more than two weeks before your next appointment give our friendly reception staff a call and they will advise whether you need to book an earlier appointment. If you feel the tooth the module has come off is moving, and no longer straight, please call to schedule an earlier appointment.


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