Our practice is back up and running but on a limited schedule and skeleton staff to meet social distancing requirements.
Our admin staff are working really hard to call everyone to reschedule previously cancelled appointments and also reschedule appointments to meet the limited schedule. We are currently focusing only on working on this a week in advance. This means our telephone lines are extremely busy. Unfortunately we are finding it very hard to get through to many people we are trying to call. If you miss a call from us please be patient we will try again at a later time. If you are expecting a call from us though it would be great if you could have your phone near by so that we can arrange an appointment for you.

Just to answer a few of your questions:
1) As our schedule is limited we are firstly prioritising patients in treatment, including debands who had their appointments cancelled.
2) With a limited schedule unfortunately we have no choice but to cancel or reschedule some of the appointments that were previously made for the week ahead. The girls are working through next weeks schedule at the moment.
3) At this point in time, as we are busy organising our upcoming schedule, we are unable to schedule any appointments for patients currently not in treatment or appointments that are any more than a week in advance.
4) If you have questions about appointments scheduled after next week we will be able to answer them at a later date.
We do thank you for your patience and will update you as soon as we have any further information.
5) If you have an appointment please ensure you read the important information sheet we send you by email and you agree you meet the requirements by confirming the appointment when you receive your text. As we only have limited appointments available if you don’t confirm your appointment it will be cancelled and offered to someone else. This important information sheet is also included in the previous post.

The team at Amanda Lawrence Orthodontics

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