We have received a further update as to what emergency procedures we can perform throughout the current lockdown. The restrictions imposed are stronger than the 5th of August Stage 4 restrictions. This reflects that the Government’s Circuit Breaker Action is intended to be a shorter, sharper lockdown with fewer exceptions.

The procedures and surgical treatment that can be undertaken by dentists are the management of:

i. patients with obvious facial swelling due to infection ie vestibular swelling (no trismus), facial swelling (with trismus); or

ii. facial trauma; or

iii, severe unrelenting pain

This restricts us from treating many regular orthodontic emergencies in the practice over this time. But help is still avalable;

1) refer to the information and appliance instructions we provided you with at the time we delivered your appliance/s

2) go to www.amandalawrence.com.au and click on either urgent orthodontic care tab or the resources tab for how to instructions and videos by appliance type

3) if you have not had success with option 1 or 2, email [email protected] and mark the email emergency in the subject field, let us know the patients name and the issue and we will respond

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