To all our patients in treatment,

We are still here if you need us. Kylie, Peggy and I are working hard to respond to all emails. If you need us contact us at [email protected] Please check your junk email box as well.

If you are in braces or an expansion plate and have an emergency that you cannot sort out yourself to keep safe and comfortable and you have not found what you need on our website send an email with your concerns and photos and we will get back to you with advice. If you need more wax, send an email and we will post it to you.

If you are in an expansion plate that you turn and are unsure if you should continue to turn it send photos, I need two. I need one from the front whilst biting together with your cheeks pulled to the side, so I can see the back teeth. The other showing the expansion plate making sure the screw mechanism is in focus. For this one you need to open wide and tip your head back.

If you are in braces or Invisalign and wearing elastics and have either run out or not sure where they should go. Send us an email with what you need. If you need more elastics let us know what type, ie foxes or rams, and we will post them. If you are not sure which teeth to wear them from send a photo with them in where you think they should be and I will confirm it for you.

If you think your elastics might have done their job, send me photos of your teeth biting together, but remember not to push your jaw forward or to the side when you take the photo. The photo must be taken when jaw is relaxed and your teeth first touch on coming together.

If you are in Invisalign and running out of aligners. Please follow the advice on our previous update/email, but if you know there are still a number of aligners in your sequence let us know and we can organise to get them to you.

For our patients in retainers. Continue to wear your retainers. If you lose one and are on 24/24 hour wear continue 12/24. Unfortunately at this time under the current restrictions we cannot replace retainers, so please be careful with them and make sure to keep them out of reach of your dog. This is in fact the most common reason for retainers being damaged at home.

Good oral hygiene and watching your diet for hard, sticky and sugary foods are particularly important at this time when treatment times may be delayed whilst we try to stop the spread of COVID. Please be diligent so we can get the best orthodontic results. If you have run out of your spiral brushes and cannot get them at the chemist, let us know.

Please all stay safe and well. I’m looking forward to seeing everybody when we get through this.


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